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One-Fee Unlimited Advertising

  • Choose only the services you need,
  • Select either annual or long term subscription,
  • Enjoy unlimited advertising all the way!

The feeling of unlimited is good!

This page contains services that are intended for REGIONAL ADVERTISING only. For SYSTEMWIDE or NATIONWIDE scale of services please click here. Thanks!

Plan the year ahead with HOMESmarketing's CUSTOM PACKAGE DEALS of online advertising targeting the geographic regions of your choice. You can tailor-make your package and select to enjoy your subscription on either annual or long term basis. And by long term, we mean a validity of up to June 2018. It's really easy to plan the year ahead (and beyond).

Below is a list of available subscription items and services - click on the "Explore..." link of an introduction block to learn more details about the corresponding item. To order your package please click on one of the "Create package" buttons - on the new page you can hand pick services you need and create your custom package. You'll be able to preview details of your package with price information before submitting the order.

▼ Create package ▼
▼ Create package ▼
▶ ▶ Create package: Please click here if you have not registered with this system before - If you eventually place your order, we will register you as an Advertiser of the system at the end of the process.
▶ ▶ Create package - Registered Advertiser: Are you a registered advertiser of the system? If yes, please click here and place your order from the Advertiser Login Area.

Note: All prices shown herein are subject to change without prior notice.

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