BIA Circle
A place for photographers to connect...

A place for photographers to connect...

BIA means "Background Image Advertising" - A creative way of advertising available at HOMESmarketing. BIA requires great images to be successful, so we have created this page with a hope to connect both the advertisers, who could be in need of great images, and the photographers, who would have the capability and talent to fulfill their needs.

BIA Circle for photographers: BIA Circle is a convenient place for advertisers and consumers to connect with, or simply to enjoy the excellent works of, our image contributors. If you want to become a contributor and have digital images that you can display here in exchange for potential business opportunities for yourself (our site visitors or advertisers can buy images from you directly), or for the chances of earning referral fee from us (visitors being linked from your images to our sales pages and have made purchases), please send us few lines via our Email Form; or send message using your own email program to help AT homesmarketing DOT com. We will be in touch with you and set up things where appropriate. Thank you! (Note: You will allow us to use your images on this site on non-exclusive and revocable basis.)

BIA for advertisers: Use BIA's full page wide display to attract visitors to your products, services, real estate listings or real estate projects - learn more at BIA introduction.

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